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Design and manufacture of complex precast components for buildings and infrastructure with a focus on safety, quality, value and service. Products range from precast stairs & landing systems, bridge deck panels, wall panels, complex structural products, to match-cast bridge substructure and superstructure units.

Precast Panels

As a full-service rebar fabricator with automated fabricating equipment we quickly and accurately produce shapes and cuts to meet any project needs. Whether it's a 1-ton addition or a 500-ton school expansion we're ready to provide your rebar needs. We also offer cage pre-tying services. Cages are built in controlled environments and shipped to project sites ready to be installed, saving time and money.

Tied Rebar


In order to provide and maintain a consistently safe working environment BraymanPrecast has developed a comprehensive safety program that addresses and provides guidance for individual job tasks within the framework of applicable OSHA standards. 


We continually strive to adapt and improve by providing the training, support and tools needed by our staff. This enables us to deliver quality products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations while upholding a strict commitment to individual safety.

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