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West Virginia Turnpike BDR-1-16 & BDR-2-16

Owner: West Virginia Parkways Authority

Customer: Orders Construction Company, Inc.
Location: Ghent, WV
Product: Bridge Deck Panels


  • Two bridges totaling (78) Bridge Deck Panels, typical size 32’-7” x 10’-2” with integral WV Type F Barriers

  • Approximately 550 CY of Class K Modified 6,500 PSI concrete, including 100 tons of epoxy coated steel reinforcement & over 25 tons of galvanized headed steel reinforcement

  • Protruding galvanized headed rebar in transverse closure pours, galvanized hairpins in longitudinal closures pours and galvanized threaded couplers in barrier closure pours

  • All panels were match cast in the plant to adjacent panels to achieve the best final fit-up

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