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SR 30, Section A25 Over Bessemer Avenue

Owner: PennDot District 11

Customer: Brayman Construction
Location: Allegheny County, PA
Product: Deck Modules, Abutments, Approach Slab, Sleeper Slabs and Wingwalls


  • Lightweight concrete Deck Modules cast with integral steel beams, 4 Modules weighing approximately 30 tons and 2 outer Modules with barrier weights approximately 50 tons.

  • Deck Modules and Approach Slabs were all carefully match-cast.

  • 28 Precast bridge components, weighing a combined 575 tons, were pre-assembled in the yard to ensure proper fit in the field.

  • 56 LF bridge was erected in 57 hours through the use of Accelerated Bridge Construction methods with minimal disruption to the urban community.

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